Thursday, June 11, 2009

Who's The Real Top Chef?

The Top Chef Tour is rolling across the country and happened to be in Culver City today. Top Chef winner Hosea and runner up Chef Stefan were there to do a cooking demonstration for their fans as well as answer questions. Stefan stole the show with his outrageous personality and sense of humor while Hosea was surprisingly a bit more shy. If I didn't know better, I would have thought Stefan was Top Chef.

In the cooking demonstration, led by Stefan, he prepared a Nutmeg and Thyme Crusted Halibut served with very light/thin mashed potatoes (used Yukon Gold Potatoes). We received a small plate to try and I must say it was pretty delish. I definitely could have used a second serving, though could be because that was my lunch! The end of the demonstration ended with a question from someone from the crowd: What ingredient and what utensil would they bring if they were going to be stranded on a deserted island? Hosea's response: Definitely Duck! His reasoning was that it could provide eggs, meat and of course foie gras. For his utensil he chose a spoon which he feels is the most versatile (serving spoon, spatula and as a garnish...though not sure you really need to garnish anything if you're stranded on an island). Stefan got the most laughs when his two things were a Bud Light and an ice cold glass for the Bud Light. Priceless!

Tip: Stefan will be opening his new restaurant in Santa Monica August 1st. Wouldn't give out the name except for "Stefan's [blank]."

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