Monday, December 7, 2009

Mucho Gusto El Borrego De Oro

The whole in the wall Mexican restaurant, El Borrego De Oro #2 (translated to the Golden Sheep), is worth the drive downtown. My husband discovered this restaurant after reading an article in Travel + Leisure stating it was one of "L.A.'s Best Mexican Restaurants." Now lets be clear.....It's not your average "LA" Mexican hot spot like a Don Antonios, Casa Vega or Marix. It isn't packed with Gringos waiting for a blended strawberry margarita. That said, it is a simple joint offering solid traditional Mexican fare.

When you pull up to the mini mall, don't get nervous by your surroundings nor the fact that when you walk in you will probably be the only American in the place. Once seated, and the chips and salsa arrive, you'll embrace your surroundings. They have a massive menu, however, it is in Spanish so make sure you brush up on the language before going...just kidding, you'll find the waitresses do in fact speak English. The menu is also full of pictures to give you an idea of the dishes.

We are classic taco lovers so our choice was easy...steak tacos (3 each). Nothing fancy, but classically made with fresh chopped carne asada served on a fresh warm corn tortilla, with onions, cilantro and lime. Add some hot sauce (has a good kick) and Voila! You have what is close to the perfect taco. Now, if you are in the mood for some barbarcoa, this is also a must. The restaurant cooks the meat underground with hot coals for (take a look at the website ---its crazy) and serves it with fresh corn tortillas, and the works. Also order their consomme - awesome soup served with all the juices and drippings.

This is a great place if your bored of the usual LA Mexican spot. Its simple, authentic, and worth the drive. And, if your lucky, you might get surprised by the local musicians looking to sing a song or two. Best for lunch.

El Borrego de Oro #2
2808 E. Washington Blvd.
Los Angeles 90023

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