Tuesday, July 14, 2009

How Bazaar!

This past Friday we went to the much talked about restaurant in the SLS Hotel - The Bazaar. We had been there once before but with a large group and had a limited tasting menu. We chose to skip the tasting menu this time around and order on our own. The dishes were hit or miss. We started with the Jamon Iberco which is now legal in the states...yay! While a bit pricey, definitely worth it. It's the upgrade to prosciutto. They serve this with Catalan style toasted bread with tomato. We then moved on to a few other starters including the Cotton Candy Foie Gras (see attached pic). While we love foie gras and have been eager to try this much talked about dish, it wasn't up to par. Their was an impressive amount of foie gras, however, the cotton candy is so light and melts immediately in your mouth that all you end up tasting is a large piece of foie gras. The starters that we did very much enjoy were the Sweet Potato Chips served with a delicious yogurt sauce as well Papas Canarias (see attached pic) which are salty wrinkled potatoes with a mojo verde dipping sauce. Don't fill up on them though as they are kind of addicting...
same with the chips. The chicken croquettes were nothing special but brought us back to our time spent in Spain as we ate a ton of them there. The sauteed shrimp with garlic had a nice spice to it but probably wouldn't order it again. We did love the Lamb Loin (see attached pic) served with mushrooms and mashed potato. The Tuna Ceviche and Avocado Roll is a must! Normally wouldn't order a sushi roll at this type of restaurant but it's quite delicious.

Overall you can't beat the scene and the cool atmosphere, but thought the food fell a bit short considering the hype.

***Note that certain desserts are not available depending on which room you are sitting in. Kind of a disappointment when you are there to try everything.

Rating: 87

The Bazaar
465 S. La Cienega Blvd.
Los Angeles 90048

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