Saturday, July 18, 2009

New Brentwood Hotspot: Tavern

We've been trying to get into Tavern since it opened last month....Alas, we finally were able to get a reservation. The main room was booked so we settled for the "Blue Room" which is the bar area. It looked like a fun scene so we didn't mind the loud noise.

Being a new restaurant we heard the service was poor so we didn't have very high expectations. Luckily that wasn't the case...the service was great.

The wine menu actually has a couple decent steals (Solid Sancerre for $35/bottle) and if you buy a couple they will waive the price of corkage ($25/bottle).

Now onto the food. The recommended apps included the Soft-shell Crab (see attached pic) with corn salad ($18) and the Heirloom tomatoes (see attached pic) with eggplant, pesto and fried mozzarella ($16). Unfortunately it was a little over-breaded and hard to taste the true flavor of the crab. We were lucky as the chef also brought out a few other salads for us to try. We especially enjoyed the summer fruit salad with arugula and marcona almonds....light and refreshing.

For the entrees the Halibut grilled in fig leaves was highly recommended as well as the Pork Chop and the Devil's Chicken (entrees range from $24-$39.) The Halibut was served with wild mushrooms, figs and pancetta so it had a lot of great flavors, however, it was a bit heavy with everything combined. As far as chicken goes, it's rare we order chicken on a menu as we tend to find many chicken dishes a bit dry and bland. The Devil's Chicken (see attached pic) was baked with leeks and mustard breadcrumbs which gave it a nice touch...although still very rich. The Pork Chop was served with cornbread, chorizo and spiced maple syrup. The dish was quite flavorful and a favorite of the evening.

Overall, the food was enjoyable but came across as too heavy for our taste. Together, the group of appetizers & entrees (soft-shell crab, fried mozzarella, and chicken with breadcrumbs) all contained the same consistency and flavor.

Rating: 86

11648 San Vicente Blvd.
Los Angeles 90049

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